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Alignment and Business


All businesses require alignment because groups of all kinds, including leadership teams, boards, employees, customers, vendors, and investors achieve more when aligned. Alignment isn’t just about getting groups to agree. It’s required whenever any two people come together to make a plan, whether they’re business partners, a boss and direct report, a consultant and client, or two colleagues working together. Imagine how much you could accomplish between all these parties. Alignment drives growth and scalability in business. To scale and grow, you have to get others to do things, and they, in turn, have to get others to do things, and so on.

Alignment and Leadership

Fostering alignment is the critical skill that separates dreamers from leaders who get things done. To reinforce this idea, it’s important to clarify how leadership and alignment are linked. The most essential component of leadership is
vision. Without a vision of a future better than the past, there is no leadership. Instead, you have the status quo, or worse, devolution. Leadership is the art and science of inspiring committed and aligned action towards a clear vision.


Commitment trumps compliance every time.

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