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To Be a Rock Star Leader you must practice Versatility.


Versatility in our context here is defined as...

The ability to dynamically and effectively access an appropriate blend of masculine and feminine archetypal strengths/values to solve problems and design systems/processes to deliver optimal outcomes.

The word Versatility comes from the Latin root word Versa meaning “to turn”. When people in an organization feel comfortable expressing their own unique blend of masculine and feminine positive strengths to achieve results, we call this, “Being Versatile”.  When enough individuals on a team become accomplished at “being versatile” the team itself begins to become versatile increasing both individual and team performance.

Businesses that lean into the Versatility Principle move beyond the patriarchal business paradigm by engaging feminine wisdom and talents that all humans and human systems possess. 

As a result, those organizations...

  • Are more welcoming to people of every gender and gender identity

  • Balance the masculine/feminine polarity and gain the benefits of both ways of operating

  • Deliver on the triple bottom line of profits, people, and our planet

Businesses and organizations use polarity thinking (aka “both-and” thinking) to supplement traditional problem-solving (aka “either-or” thinking). Polarity thinking invites a move away from wrong/right thinking to “we are both right.” This kind of thinking creates long-term solutions that are sustainable.

  1. Highly effective leaders have a strong ability to manage polarities (e.g. individual vs. team, centralization vs. decentralization, autonomy vs. standardized, etc.)

  2. High-performing organizations perform well by creating systems and processes that help them manage polarities.

We use the tool The Versatility Factorby LeadershipSmarts when working with teams and leaders on versatility.

Click here for a summary of The Versatility Principle

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