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There are 3 principles  we teach to help you become an Inclusive Leader 


The Iterative Co-Creation Principle
By consulting as many people as you can to help shape your ideas, you create a brain trust. By including people from different parts of the organization, you gain many perspectives on the problem like facets of a prism. When a decision is informed by those it impacts, it is more likely to be sound and well-received. Another reason to not only consult others but to invite them to co-create with you? Ownership. People don’t take down what they build, so including stakeholders in shaping solutions avoids the future destruction of your most recent resolution.


The Versatility Principle
The Principle of Versatility unleashes the power of masculine and feminine energy by:

  • Factoring in facts and feelings into conversations.

  • Allowing people to build on each other’s ideas.

  • Being inclusive and selective about whom to engage in the decision-making process.

  • Respecting lines of authority while empowering people to reach across them.

  • Alternating push and pull energy to move ideas from ME to WE. 

  • With the Principle of Versatility, you don’t end up with forced or fake alignment; you achieve true alignment.

Click here for a summary of The Versatility Principle


The SHUVA Principle

SHUVA is an acronym that describes a basic need universal to all humans: the need to be Seen, Heard, Understood, Valued, and Appreciated. When you feel seen, heard, understood, valued, and appreciated, it feels terrific. You can be yourself and express yourself. SHUVA is the path to true alignment because all ideas, including doubts and reservations, are welcome. When you feel SHUVA from a person or group, you’re more willing to expand the extra energy required to hash out areas of misalignment. Keep in mind: you don’t have to agree with what somebody says to offer them SHUVA.

Click here for a summary of the SHUVA process.

Watch this video called "The SHUVA Blessing" to review the SHUVA principle. 










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