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We help you move your vision forward, get agreement, support, and commitment


Leadership is the art and science of inspiring committed and aligned action towards a clear vision.


Alignment sessions are facilitated by our experienced leadership coaches, and CAPs (Certified Alignment Practitioners)


These sessions can be done in person or online. From 1-2 hours or over multiple days.  This depends on the number of people involved in the decision being proposed. 

How we help you achieve alignment

  • Identify a clear goal or vision​

  • Apply the 3 Principles of Alignment ​

  • Use the 4 Steps and 5 Cs of Alignment 

  • Iterate until you see alignment of head, heart, and hands


Our Core Belief

"Teamwork makes the dream work. ​Without teamwork, you can’t make the dream work".

Read this article "The Cost of Misalignment" -  by Patty Beach






Our Alignment coaching is based on the Book The Art Of Leadership - A Practical Guide To Inclusive Leadership by Patty Beach


The CAP (Certified Alignment Practitioner) program from Leadership Smarts.


Contact us if you have questions and get a quote for your team. 

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