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Online 8-week Coaching Program - The Art of Alignment


Delivered by our experienced facilitators, leadership coaches, and CAPs (Certified Alignment Practitioners)

Program Objectives: 

The primary goal of leaders is to guide diverse stakeholders to come together to create something new and better than what came before.  When leaders master the Art of Alignment they can get any group of any size to make agreements and stick to them. Regardless of your role or title in an organization, you need to get people moving in the same direction and get things done. This program gives you the tools to do that.

Workshop Topics

Week 1: The Power of Alignment

Week 2: The 3 Principles of Alignment

Week 3: The 4 Steps and 5 C's of Alignment

Week 4: Preparing for Alignment

Week 5: Running Alignment Meetings

Week 6: Alignment Directions (Top-down, Bottom-up & Sideways)

Week 7: Troubleshooting Alignment Challenges

Week 8:  Review & Case Study



Our Alignment training is based on the Book The Art Of Leadership - A Practical Guide To Inclusive Leadership by Patty Beach


The CAP (Certified Alignment Practitioner) program from Leadership Smarts.











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