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Team Building Activity - Air Band Competition

A fun and interactive team-building activity that rocks! For groups from 10-50 people

The Band
Choose your band (Team), pick the songs you want to perform. This will help you pick the instruments you need and the costumes. Yes, costumes! Wigs, sunglasses, leather jackets, even spandex if you want. You do not need to know how to play any instruments. This is Air Band (not air guitar), you will get the use the real instruments. We supply the drum kit, guitars, bass, microphones  and keyboard to make the experience as authentic as possible. 

The Performance

You will perform your songs live in front of your colleagues in an Air Band Competition. Once your band is formed you will have time to rehearse your songs and your Rock Star moves.

What You Need

At least 12 people to create (3-4) bands. This can be done with up to 50 people if you have the time. You need to provide a stage, or place you can perform and room for the crowd. Large room or auditorium is ideal. You provide the judges for the competition. Should be people NOT in the bands. A winner will be crowned!

What We Provide

All the instruments. Costumes (wigs, sunglasses, other accessories as required). Music for songs you want to perform. The PA system with music and microphones for the MC. We run the show and the Air Band Competition. We help you create your bands and pick the songs.  We coach each band on what a Killer Rock Show looks like. 

The Experience

Customized to meet your needs. This can be done in a half-day, full day, or multi-day experience.  Add it to an off-site or team-building event you are already having. You pick the date and the venue, we come to you and make it happen.


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