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We offer several options to help you become a Rock Star Leader


1) The Rock Star Leadership Workshop - The Art of Alignment
Delivering leadership, team, and personal development in a new way.  
One-day or multi-day (customized) interactive, informative, inspiring, and entertaining workshop.


2) 8-Week Rock Star Leadership Online Coaching Program

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3) Alignment Session Facilitation

Our CAPs (Certified Alignment Practitioners) can facilitate alignment meetings for your team or organization.  Groups of all kinds, including leadership teams, boards, employees, customers, vendors, and investors achieve more when aligned. Let us help you get there. 





Our Alignment training is based on the Book The Art Of Leadership - A Practical Guide To Inclusive Leadership by Patty Beach.


The CAP (Certified Alignment Practitioner) program from Leadership Smarts.


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Contact us if you have questions and to get a quote for your Rock Star Leadership program. 

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